The ride to Preah Vihear from Koh Ker was long. I can’t even tell you how long it took, I lost track of time.

We stopped for lunch in town, and given I have a long history of getting sick from dodgy food, I opted not to eat what the others did, instead choosing a dry bread roll from a stall across the road from the restaurant. Back in the car we got, eventually arriving at the ticket booth to Preah Vihear. We hired two trucks and made our way up the mountain, slipping and sliding in the back seats. When we reached the top, our team took 10kg of morning glory donated by a graduated sewing student to the local pagoda so they could distribute it amongst the mountains poor.

It was then time to see the actual temple and take what seemed like a gazillion photos. Teacher Chhalin had organised a team building game, working out how to throw a few balls around a circle without dropping them; which was a lot more difficult than you would think! Some tourists and military were videoing us while we were doing that, which really peeved me off. Where is the right to privacy anymore? Why don’t people ask permission to take photos and videos?

On the way back to Siem Reap I ate some fried egg and rice which we bought on Preah Vihear mountain. Big mistake, as it resulted in me vomiting all the way home whilst my female colleague, very small but strong, massaged me and karate chopped my back to get the vomit out. I still have bruises from it.

All in all, it was a great day (if you ignore the fact my whole team have now seen/heard/smelt me hurl) and I am so happy team HHA had the opportunity to learn about their history!

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