On the 4th of July our team took a staff trip to Banteay Samre and Trauv Kut. Given I get car sick and the journey wasn’t too far, I followed behind the van in my motorbike. The first stop was Banteay Samre, one of my favourite temples. It was the first time for many of our staff to go there, so of course they took plenty of photos. We then spent a couple of hours playing team building games and had lots of tasty snacks. I made an eggplant dip that was very nutritious and went down well.

We then headed to Trauv Kut, around 40km from Siem Reap town. It is a new destination, so it was calm and peaceful. Basically Trauv Kut is a lake with surrounding restaurants. What impressed me most was that they had signs everywhere telling people to wear life jackets, which we all did. I also managed to never dip my head under the water, so that, combined with driving my motorbike and making my own food ensured I didn’t get sick.

It was a fun day, but as always, very exhausting!

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