The big day finally came

After months of fundraising, planning, building and organising, we finally moved into our permanent location for Human and Hope Association. My speech is below.

Sai yon suasidy. Ne an kynom chmous Sally, hai kynom chea neayou protebat noe Samakom Monous Ning Kedi Sangkum.

Tngai nii, kynom mien jit sabay reak-reay klang nas peeprua bontuobbee ga-ket-kom brong breng yaangklang, tee bpompot yearng aich hao tinii tha chea ptea robos puok yearngban.

Noe Samakom Monous Ning Kedi Sangkum yearng min-men pda all thai joumnoy nute ptoy, thou weng guu yearng jumroing leuk dteuk chet dall sahakum robos yerng. Kumroung orbrom, bon doh bon dall. Vichea chee-veak ning jumnoy sahakom mien goal dao twer aowii cheeveakpheap. Aowii proseur lerng. 

Kynom soum akun chormbpoa nek roall kynea del mien wat thamien noe tngai nii dambai komtro ungka robos yearng, chea pises gu nek group grong kumroung teang-o del korm twer gah yang hort noeury jombpoa ga plas phdo ttang ning chea pises modong tiet keu nek group grong kumroung chumnoy sahakom, louk San Thai del merl gakostrou damnah kateangmoul. Machas jomnoy delban opatoum phnea hehrang wattok rooum teang Moul Ni t gu ungka Shinta Mani Del Mien watha mien noe tiini chea daom.

Kynom tontung roung jam dambi twer gah jomnoy sahakom nis doichne yerng aichbongaot phallaowii cheavichamien samrab nek chumnoin kraowii chea bantor bantoeub.

Som orkun.

Good afternoon, my name is Sally and I am the Operations Manager at Human and Hope Association.

Today I am very happy, because after a lot of hard work, we can finally call this place our home.

At Human and Hope Association we do not give out aid; instead, we empower our community members. Our education, vocational training and community support projects aim to transform lives.

I would like to thank everyone for coming here today to support our organization, and in particular I would like to thank our project managers who have worked so hard on our move, particularly our Community Manager, San Thai, who oversaw the whole process, and our generous donors who financed it, including the Shinta Mani Foundation who are here today.

Something I didn’t say in my Khmer speech, because I already had so many new words to learn, is that I am so proud of our staff, board members and sewing students who dedicated a lot of their spare time to making this school what it is today. Every single one of our staff members are so passionate about their work, and I am so grateful to be part of such a motivated, compassionate team who are always striving to better themselves and in turn, better others.

I am really looking forward to working with this community so we can create a positive impact for generations to come.

Thank you.