The end is in sight…

May 20

Today is the final day of LBL. This morning I had about 5 mouthfuls of my rice with frozen veggies before I just couldn’t stomach anymore. Not only has my stomach shrunk, I burnt the rice I had cooked, so it taste like burnt popcorn. Not the most appetising of meals, but it kept me going for a couple of hours.

This morning at work I went around and used all my energy to collect change from people. It paid off, as I collected $220, smashing my updated fundraising goal of $500. Lunchtime couldn’t have come sooner, but for me, there was to be no lunch. I had a choice of burnt rice or….burnt rice. I decided to forgo it, and went to Martin Place to wear a paper hat in order to break a Guinness World Record and raise awareness about mental health through Rotary. With my head pounding, my eyes drooping, and my stomach rumbling, I made it back to work where I finished all my tasks for the week except for one – which was too difficult for me to concentrate on, as all I can think about is my dinner. I started LBL on Sunday evening so that I could celebrate my friends recovery from cancer this evening – which is definitely something worth waiting for. Although last night I dreamed of chocolate and ice cream, I am determined not to eat a large portion size tonight, or eat anything TOO unhealthy, or spend too much money. This challenge has taught me a valuable lesson about rationing food and eating nutrients, so I hope to embed that into everyday life.

1 hour 27 minutes until I can eat…….

Money raised so far: $590
Weight lost so far: 3.2kg
Insight gained: Priceless

My final LBL update will be tomorrow, after the Post-LBL brunch. Hope you can make it!

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