The weaknesses of men and women in Cambodia

“The biggest weakness in Khmer men is they think with their eyes. The biggest weakness in Khmer women is they think with their ears.”

This was the response a workmate gave to me on the weekend when I noted he never ‘seeks out the pretty girls’ like the rest of the team do. He went on to further explain that generally, men in Cambodia only care if a woman is beautiful, not paying attention to their personality, which causes a lot of problems later in life. Likewise, women in Cambodia are more interested in hearing the compliments men pay them (which often goes away after marriage), instead of hearing their real feelings and seeing their real actions.

By being aware of these weaknesses, my workmate continued, he was able to make smarter choices and not get sucked into the cycle that often happens here, when the true faces of people are revealed and things go awry.

What a smart, smart man.