Things I Have Learnt In Cambodia

Even if you live here, you will never be treated like a local. It will always be ‘Barang price for you’.


Always have your laptop charging. When the electricity cuts out, you will want a fully charged laptop as you never know when that b!tch is coming back on.


Geckos make an unpleasant noise and can fall from the ceiling and barely miss your mouth.


Check the ingredients of any facial treatments you buy. Most will have whitening stuff in it, and that is deadly (not to mention doesn’t fit in with my goal of being dark).


You can ride a moto without a license and most likely won’t get caught, but if you have an accident your insurance will not cover it.


Buddhists have a party for old people. It is a ‘before you die’ party, complete with loud music. Loud enough it might just kill the old people.


The temples here are the most magnificent I have ever seen in my life. No arguments, please.


Kids are way cuter here than in any other country in the world.


People worry about what they will eat today, not how education will help them get a better life tomorrow.


Kromas (traditional Khmer scarfs) have many uses – wipe your sweat, swat flies away, wipe a whiteboard clean, dry yourself after a shower, carry items, protect your mouth from the dirt.


Most people will always try and help you when they can.


At night time it is best to carry stuff in your pockets only, to avoid getting mugged on your bicycle.


If you are Christian and go to Sunday School, you get free snacks. This is a win for small children.
Although gambling is illegal in Siem Reap, the police will openly gamble at the police commune. They will also ride a moto in their uniform whilst drinking beer.


There isn’t the best business minds here. 50 stalls will sell the same item (i.e. sticky rice in bamboo) because they think if one person is selling it, it must be a winner. They don’t understand the concept of ‘too much of a good thing’.
Dogs will not move for you when you are riding your bike towards them on a road. However, if a moto is riding next to you and is intent on running the dog over, the dog will move at the last moment and result in you running it over.


It WILL flood.


People will say they are happy even if they are not.


Many people here believe in ghosts.


It is bad luck to have 3 people in a photo.


People hold parties for the anniversaries of their loved ones deaths. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between these parties and a wedding.


There is still much racism against the Vietnamese.


Everyone gets a year older at Khmer New Year. Birthday’s aren’t really celebrated.


If there is a sad or awkward situation, people will just laugh as they don’t know any other way to react.
You will get called fat every day. But at the same time, you will always be called ‘pretty girl’ even if it looks like you have a mullet that day.


Many Khmer’s despise Thai’s.


Squat toilets are very hard to get used to.


The tap water is NOT drinkable.

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