Although it isn’t at popular as Bondi Beach, I much prefer a visit to Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia.

Manly Beach, though a far drive from many suburbs in Sydney, can be accessed by a fifteen minute ferry ride from Sydney CBD. Manly Beach is very laid back, and quite serene unless you are headed there on a 40 degree Summer day. Here are three things to ticket off your bucket list when you head to Manly Beach.

Hire a Bicycle

This is a great activity for families, especially as you can hire baby seats to go with your bicycle. Manly Beach has plenty of bicycle-friendly footpaths, making bike riding a breeze. Manly Bike Tours hires their bicycles out by the hour, so you can ensure you are getting the maximum bang for your buck. The 7km “Bike the Beach” tour is perfect for a cruise ride, allowing you to bike along the ocean promenade all the way to Shelly Beach.

Eat a Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream

In my whole life, I don’t think I have ever gone nuts over ice cream. That changed when I got my hands on a Royal Copenhagen ice cream cone. Dipped in heated chocolate that hardens by the time you have walked out of the Manly Beach store, the cone itself is worth the cost. Added to that, there is a huge selection of ice cream and sorbet to choose from. One scoop is certainly enough to satisfy any sweet cravings, and even a kids size would suffice. Do yourself a favour and get your hands on the cookies and cream flavour.

Relax on the Beach

What is a trip to Manly Beach without actually relaxing on the beach itself? Set yourself up for the day by bringing all the necessities – a towel, umbrella, sunscreen, water and food. If you have forgotten some essentials, the promenade is just a short walk away, so you will be able to stock up on most things. Remember the most important rule in all Australian beaches – SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS!

Well there we have it! My top three things to do in Manly Beach. Have I missed anything you think should top the list? Hit me up on Instagram and tell me more!