Earlier this month I visited West Baray with Seyla and Sreylin. We had big plans to ride our bikes there, but in the end we decided against it as we would be too tired for the Giant Puppet Parade later that evening. I have been to Baray many times, I have even ridden my motorbike through it when the water has gone, but I have never seen it looking as beautiful as it did on the weekend. Firstly, there was a lovely cool breeze that made it feel like Australia in Autumn. Then, the water had subsided so we were able to sit on the sand and it felt like it was a beach. And finally, as icing on the cake, the water didn’t look anywhere near as dirty as usual. Oh, and I forgot to mention, it wasn’t overcrowded with large and loud groups of people!

We chatted, we ate a picnic lunch I made, we splashed about in the water, and then we drove home. Quite a perfect morning, actually!