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You give me fever…..dengue fever, that is.

I am currently at the end of a horrible illness called dengue fever. For those of you who aren’t aware, dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease, and I can pinpoint which mosquito it was. I was sitting in the office at HHA a couple of weeks ago basking in the glory of our new internet and my ability to now be able to fulfil my full role at our community centre instead of having to do fundraising at home. Then a big nasty mosquito came and bit me on the ankle. That prompted me to go to the first aid cabinet and put on some mosquito repellant we had just received as a donation. Too little, too late.

For two weeks I have been confined to my house, only venturing out once to go to the doctor’s. Dengue is also known as bone crusher disease, as your bones hurt as though someone is squeezing very very hard on them. For the first couple of days I just assumed I was in so much pain from the gym, but the moaning that was coming out of me certainly wasn’t normal.

This, combined with intense lethargy, headaches, eye pains, a fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, runny nose and rash made for a very unpleasant couple of weeks. I was sleeping on average for 15 hours a day, and wasn’t able to do much except wallow in my misery. I know this sounds dramatic (but meh, who cares), however I thought I would never get better. I was feeling really down being stuck at home not even with enough energy to do work. However, a couple of days ago I started to feel better, enough to even do a load of washing. The lethargy is still here, same with a headache that I can’t quite shake, however I am on the mend.

Angkor Hospital for Children are currently admitting two to three children with dengue fever every day. It can be much worse for children, and there are no cures. If you felt bad for me after reading this blog, consider donating a few dollars to Angkor Hospital for Children so they can treat the people who are hit with dengue the worst.

I am definitely wearing mosquito repellant from now on. Lesson learnt. Prevention is worth it.