Sally Hetherington


100 Women & Human and Hope Association

Last month, I had the honour of accepting a 100 Women grant on behalf of Human and Hope Association in Perth. This grant of $9,300 will provide sewing supplies and stipends for 24 marginalised women in HHA’s life-changing sewing program over 2018 and 2019. I am proud to share my speech. When we first started the sewing program at Human and Hope Association, it was a class that taught the basics of sewing. With the second intake of the sewing program came a lady named Saney. Saney only  ...

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“We can’t wait to go back to take toys for the children.”

“Thank you for your work! We were in Cambodia and can’t wait to go back to take toys for the children,” the Instagram comment read.  At first glance, this may seem like a sweet comment and gesture. However for me, my heart started racing, alarm bells went off in my head, and I  ...

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Providing education to the children of Cambodia

When we recruited students for a second daily preschool class at Human and Hope Association in October 2013, *Srey (not her real name for child protection purposes, so I am using Srey as it means ‘girl’ in Khmer) was one of three students we recruited. Our Education Coordinator had struggled to  ...

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Cambodia and Self-Esteem

Picture this. After having finally received confirmation that your NGO is registered, a difficult feat in Cambodia, you plan a party. A party where you invite your team, their family and other NGO’s. You spend weeks planning said party, and the day finally arrives. After working up a sweat  ...

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